About Russell Landscaping

Russell Landscaping offers practical and unique Landscape Architectural and garden design solutions to both its high end residential and commercial clients. We are passionate about your outdoor space; creating beautiful, bespoke, high quality gardens and landscapes.

Award winning services

We provide a professional bespoke landscape design service with hard landscaping & soft landscaping experiences, which allows our customers to convert their thoughts and ideas into practical working designs which will visually enhance and improve the functionality of their external environs.

Bespoke Landscape Design

The importance of professionally designed external space cannot be over emphasised. By creating a professionally designed outdoor space you will improve how a space is used, enhance its aesthetic qualities, boost the overall feel and experience of the space, raise the functionality of the space and increase the overall value of the property.

Site Visit

The first encounter we have with our clients is usually on site. This site visit involves a walkthrough with both the designer and client to determine the requirements needed to bring the design to the next stage. This site visit will determine the needs and requirements of the client and the potential issues which may arise due to site specific conditions.

The Process

Depending on whether the design is going to be a self-build or contract built, Russell Landscaping will develop the design to your required needs. The design process is carried out in stages outlined as follows:

 a) Initial site visit between designer & client to determine needs and requirements of client
b) Site analysis/Site survey
c) Preliminary design stage
d) Final design stage
e) Tender stage
f) Construction stage