Garden Design for new build property in County Cork

"We built our own house in Youghal on a sloped site. Apart from a couple of trees along the boundary of the front of the site, it was a blank canvas. Although keen gardeners, we were not skilled at garden design. We engaged Sean Russell Design to call out to the site to give us advice.

Sean listened to our ideas of what we wanted to see in our garden. Our design brief to Sean was to create a high impact garden that would complement the new build. We wanted a garden that we could relax and entertain in but also a garden that we could get involved in ourselves, and work on as a project over time.

It was apparent from the start that Sean had the knowledge and vision to design the space to fit our brief. He met us with plans on and off site, he gave us mood boards, and detailed design drawings. He took the stress out of the project.

Sean provided us with a service that was seamless from start to finish, from the selection, sourcing and supply of specimen plants, managing the contractors, and the team of landscape gardeners. The finished product is exactly what we wanted, and more.

We have a new build with a garden that looks like it has been there for a decade. We would highly recommend Sean Russell Garden design to anyone wanting a professional garden design service that can be tailor-made to your requirements."


Experience in challenging sloped and undulating sites

"It was obvious from the start of our project that the landscape would play a critical role in the overall re-design of our property. It was important to find the right balance between outdoor/indoor living, making the best use of the existing garden, and connectivity of all garden areas.

We wanted the garden to work equally well for entertaining, as well as offering relaxing and calm areas. Sean Russell, was undoubtedly the best match for us. He visited us on site, listened to our ideas, and enhanced them further creating a clever landscape design that fulfilled our objectives and more.

While we had a clear idea of how we wanted the garden areas to flow and the materials we liked, we soon realised that there were other aspects that we had to take into account and it was in these areas where Sean’s knowledge and expertise were incredibly helpful. His extensive horticulture knowledge allowed us to choose plants right for each area meeting all the challenges we faced with drainage and sunlight. Sean’s advice on bigger
tree/shrub specimens and referring us to different mood boards depending the planting needs, added to the depth of the scheme we wanted to create. It is clear that it is not just his knowledge and experience, that make a difference, Sean takes pride in creating beautiful outdoor spaces for his clients, bringing out the extraordinary in his designs.

Every project will have problems and ours was no exception. Sean has considerable experience in challenging sloped and undulating sites, which helped us in addressing our challenging site, and offered us sensible long term solutions that were both structurally necessary and aesthetically pleasing.

Sean was able to communicate and guide the different contractors and deal with challenges that arose on site. Sean’s dedication to the project played a critical part in the success of our partnership and the completion of the project. We had many phone calls, video calls, emails and many site visits.

Sean kept on top of everything, missing no detail, and regularly suggesting alternative solutions when needed. We were so pleased with Sean’s services that we hope to continue with site visits, as Sean has planted the garden, he is in the best position to give advice on it.

As our project is still evolving we are looking forward to seeing many more areas flourish under Sean’s watchful eye. We recommend Sean without hesitation. With gratitude and thanks."